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Security Guard Company Michigan

The Best Mobile Patrol Services in Michigan.

Our dedicated team is here to ensure the safety and security of your community, day and night. 

Why Mobile Patrol?

Mobile patrol units play an important role in a successful security system. Their presence not only acts as a deterrent, but patrollers' quick response times guarantee better protection for your facilities and assets against criminal acts.​

Why Security Guard Group?

Choose Security Guard Group for our Mobile Patrol Services because we stand out with the fastest alarm response rates in the industry. Our expert security team is backed by industry-leading training and equipped with the latest technological reporting tools to ensure comprehensive coverage. With our services available 24/7/365, you can rest assured that your property is protected at all times by the best in the business. Trust us to deliver reliable, efficient, and effective security solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Security companies in Detroit Michigan

Night time Patrol for Peace of Mind

With our night-time patrol service, clients can have peace of mind knowing that their property is being safeguarded by dedicated professionals around the clock.

Rapid Response Mobile Patrol

Rapid Response to Incidence

From alarms to disturbances, our swift actions minimize potential risks and swiftly restore peace of mind for our clients, ensuring their safety and their neighbourhoods safety.

Fast Response for your security needs

Comprehensive Security Checks

We meticulously inspect every aspect of your premises, leaving no stone unturned in identifying vulnerabilities. From perimeter patrols to internal assessments, our rigorous approach ensures that your property remains secure against any potential threats.

Security Guard Group Limited - Detroit Michigan Security companies
Customized Patrol Plans

Our experienced team works closely with you to assess your property and develop a personalized patrol strategy that maximizes effectiveness and efficiency. With our flexible approach, you can rest assured that your security concerns are addressed with precision, ensuring optimal protection for your premises.

Your Neighborhood, Our Priority

Do you need scheduled or random checks on your properties but do not want to spend your budget on a full-time security guard?

Mobile Patrol is the solution for you!

Security Guard Services

What We Offer

Fast Response Time

  • While no security services company can guarantee a response time, statistically our response time has not been greater than 17 minutes in Southwestern, ON.

  • Our Dispatch Center locates the nearest Patrol Vehicle via GPS and dispatches them accordingly.

Mobile Patrol Experts

  • Our mobile response team receives industry-leading training that exceeds provincial licensing requirements.

  • Each team member is required to shadow a senior team member for a minimum of 14 days to learn about clients' properties and understand their security challenges.

  • Our team members will look for safety hazards, unauthorized persons, suspicious activity, property damage, or unlocked gates and windows. 

Prevention Patrolling

  • It is always better to prevent a security breach than to deal with one.

  • We can safeguard against vandalism and other criminal acts by conducting pre-planned and randomly timed visits to your site and its surrounding regions.

Alarm Response

  • Our alarm response team has access to the latest technology available on the market to assist them in route optimization and efficiency.

  • Every site check is recorded electronically.

  • Our 24/7 Dispatch Center links directly to your alarm company.

  • The client receives a detailed report of all findings electronically after the property has been secured.

  • Everything is recorded electronically including GPS coordinates, Check-in times, and completion times. 

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