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Choose Security Guard Group: Your Partner in Protection

Empowering Safety, Ensuring Peace of Mind: Your Trusted Security Solution.

Why Choose Us

With so much choice on whom to work with, it can be an overwhelming task to choose the right security partner. We understand it is a privilege to protect our client's property and personnel and we work around the clock to ensure our services exceed your expectations. We owe our high client retention rates to five principles:

Why Choose Us

Specialized Selection Process



24/7 Accessibility

Hiring a security guard is one of the most important decisions you can make for your business.

It's not just about finding someone to stand around, it's about finding the right person with the right qualifications to handle your situation.

Our specialized selection process and comprehensive training programs are designed to weed out unqualified candidates and offer you the best person for the security job.


Extensive Training Programs

If you are looking to hire a security services agency, we can guarantee our training methodology and intensity is unmatched in Detroit.

We use a state-of-the-art Learning Management system and divide our training into three modules:

1) In-depth orientation

2) On-site training with an experienced security guard

3) E-learning for continuous improvement


State-of-the-art Technology

Our all-in-one solution integrates everything into one mobile application. We use it to:

•Enable access to real-time data for our clients

•Centralize communication and company updates

•Schedule shifts and dispatch jobs

•Track work hours and manage timesheets

•Enhance daily operation

•Fill out checklists and forms

•Improve employee learning and professional skills

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1420 Washington Blvd #301, Detroit, MI 48446, United States


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